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Becoming an exception is what we aim for

Looking at a decade of history, Fabritex has come into play as one-window solution provider for the entire textile industry. Producing high-end chemical products, and a major supplier of all key textile products, Fabritex specializes in wide range of auxiliary chemicals of semi-finished and finished products for processing of the textiles such as fibre, yarn, fabric and garment.
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Make a Statement In Support of The Environment

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What We Do   We Do   We Do  

Fabritex provides complete range of products and services for the entire Textile Industry

We innovate for a sustainable future and that philosophy permeates across all our services, for both local and global clients.

Our Values Values Values

Respect for Environmental Safety

● Innovate processes and products to reduce waste and conserve resources.
● Balance human progress with ecological preservation.
● Promote a sustainable environment for future generations.

Responsible and Ethical Practices

● Comply with stringent environmental regulations & uphold ethical standards in all aspects of our business.
● Has established ISO Certification 9001 & 14001 for Quality & Environmental management systems.
● Implemented an Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) for responsible wastewater management for our production processes.
● Compliant with international regulations and certified product range with Oekotex Ecopassport & Chemcheck ZDHC level 3 & other Certifying bodies

Committed Towards Sustainability

● Embracing renewable energy sources for power supply.
● Shift towards solar panels for clean and sustainable energy.
● Promote a sustainable environment for future generations.

Our Partners

Fabritex’s commitment to innovation has positioned it favorably in the global market. Recognizing the evolving needs of the time and the disparity between global trends and local practices, we are always motivated to connect with international suppliers. This initiative aims to offer our customers a broader and more competitive range of products, ensuring a long-term provision of supplies that are innovative and follow highest quality standards for sustainability.

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