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garment dyeing and finishing

Fabritex is dedicated to ongoing development in eco-friendly processes for garment dyeing and finishing, aiming to achieve a limitless range of original fashion effects.

All our involved products have received both GOTS and ZDHC approval, ensuring the best options for attaining custom or market-driven fashion effects. We continuously innovate custom dyeing and finishing solutions to create original and fashionable effects for garment dyeing.

Our comprehensive range includes dyes and chemical auxiliaries designed for a variety of effects, such as old wash & vintage, stone wash, discharge effect, and any new eco-friendly processes leveraging cutting-edge technologies.

Upon request, we produce specific garment dyeing or denim samples, utilizing only the highest quality dyestuffs and chemicals.

Our skilled technicians are ready to support the creativity of designers and the research and development endeavors of our textile customers. Furthermore, they provide assistance to production and washing technicians, sharing our knowledge and know-how to address any challenging dyeing issues.

Foundation of Quality Quality Quality

Eco-Friendly Practices Practices Practices

Innovative Technologies Technologies Technologies

Versatility in Applications Applications Applications

Market Responsiveness Responsiveness Responsiveness

Commitment to Customer Success Customer Success Customer Success

Solutions for textile Applications

We Provide customized
Garment processing chemicals

Wetting agents

Dispersing agents

Lycra protector

Anti-corrosion agents

Direct dyes

Stone Wash Enzymes

Bio polish

Fixing agents


Color Yield enhancers

Lubricating Agents

Fixing Agents

Levelling agents

Sequestering agents

Oxidizing agents

Neutralizing agents

Stone free / Water free Enzyme

Acid / Alkali Donors

Cationic Softeners

Silicone Softeners

Cationic Softeners

Sequestering Agents

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