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denim washing

In tandem with garment dyeing, Denim Washing holds a distinct place in the fashion realm.

The denim industry is at the forefront of guiding the fashion business toward a more sustainable model. Consumers of denim are increasingly mindful of the environmental implications of their purchases, opting for a more ecologically-driven mindset.

Our unwavering commitment to minimizing the environmental footprint of denim production is reflected in responsible and conscientious industrial practices. Additionally, our products adhere to the stringent standards set by major international certification bodies.

Guided by the greennovative concept, we steer all our new developments, proudly offering a comprehensive range of sustainable chemicals and processes specifically designed for denim.

Laser Agent Agent Agent

Enzimes Enzimes Enzimes

Bleaching Solutions Solutions Solutions

Ecologic Neutralizers Neutralizers Neutralizers

Potassium Permanganate Substitute Substitute Substitute

Indigo Fixing Agent Agent Agent

Solutions for denim industry

We Provide customized
Denim processing chemicals


Desizing agents

Lycra protectors

Anti-corrosion agents

Oxidizing agents

Sulphur Down


Fixing agents


Color Yield enhancers

Laser Boosters

Ozone Boosters

Anti-back stainers

Anti-creasing agents

Stone Wash Enzymes

Stone free / Water free Enzyme

Neutralizing agents

Bio polish

Cationic Softeners

Silicone Softeners

Direct dyes

Bleach/PP Activators

PP Replacement

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