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Our printing selection is tailored to specialties, particularly focusing on water-based products for the pigment sector, applicable to both fabric and garment printing.

For garment printing, we offer elastic rubber (white and clear) characterized by a super soft handfeel and excellent printability. These products are engineered to perform seamlessly on automatic machines with intermediate dryers, addressing screen-blocking issues, and are equally suitable for manual printing, providing high elasticity without tacking.

To enhance fastness, especially during the curing process in short dryers, we’ve developed fixing agents. Additionally, our range includes products for achieving a puff effect with good levelness and fastness.

In fabric printing (all-over printing), we deliver top-quality products for obtaining prints with an incredibly soft handfeel, compatible with both rotary and flatbed machineries.

Our discharge range exhibits excellent runnability in rotary machines, ensuring high performance and brilliant shades. Special effects such as gold and silver pastes feature extra small particles, preventing screen-blocking problems.

Among our best sellers are the ready-made whites and bases, known for their high covering power and soft handfeel, ready to be printed on dyed fabrics.

We proudly offer a complete range of eco-friendly products, formaldehyde-free, phthalates-free, APEO-free, and devoid of hazardous substances. Complementing our product line, we provide various printing auxiliaries to enhance product performance, including soaping agent, thickener, outline improver, fixing agent, and counting.

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