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textile dyeing and finishing

Our dyeing product range is meticulously designed for optimal performance in both continuous and discontinuous processes, catering to a wide array of fibers: natural and organic, synthetic, and artificial.

Drawing on our expertise as dyestuff producers, we offer synergic auxiliaries with exceptional performance. These auxiliaries are crafted to enhance dyeing yield and achieve the highest levels of color fastness, uniformity, and fixation of dyestuffs.

In the realm of textile finishing, we provide auxiliaries suitable for both continuous and discontinuous processes. Our products are tailored for various applications and end-uses, spanning fashion, hosiery, automotive, and more.

Our proficiency extends to both hand modifiers and auxiliaries for technical finishing, showcasing our commitment to excellence in the textile industry.

Foundation of Quality Quality Quality

Eco-Friendly Practices Practices Practices

Innovative Technologies Technologies Technologies

Versatility in Applications Applications Applications

Market Responsiveness Responsiveness Responsiveness

Commitment to Customer Success Customer Success Customer Success

Solutions for textile Applications

We provide customized textile
processing Chemicals

wetting agents

Dispersing agents

Peroxide Stabilizers

Peroxide killer

Anti-foaming agents

Anti-migrating agents

Reactive Dyes

Acid / Alkali Donors

Cationic Softeners

Silicone Softeners


Polyvinyl alcohol

Polyvinyl acetate

Color-yield enhancers

Levelling agents

sequestering agents

Oxidizing agents

Reducing agents


Disperse Dyes

Bio polish

Fixing agents


Optical Brighteners

Anti-slippery agents

Antistatic agents

Anti-microbial and anti-bacterial agents

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