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Textile Pretreatment stands at a pivotal juncture in contemporary fabric processing. Whether young or old, casual wear is a fundamental element of daily life, retaining its timeless appeal. In response to the ever-evolving market demands for fresh ideas and innovations, Fabritex is dedicated to developing and manufacturing advanced chemicals tailored for comprehensive textile treatment processes.

Our objective is clear: empower our customers with innovative and potent dyes and auxiliaries. By doing so, we enable them to not only meet the market’s dynamic needs but also to establish a sustainable and competitive presence. Fabritex is committed to being a catalyst for innovation in Textile Pretreatment, ushering in a new era where quality, style, and environmental consciousness seamlessly converge. Explore the future of textile processing with Fabritex—where excellence meets sustainability.

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Solutions for textile Applications

We Provide customized
pre-treatment processing chemicals

Desizing agents

Dispersing agents

Wetting agents

Sequestering agents

Anti-Corrosion agents

Anti-Foaming agent

Peroxide Stabilizers

Peroxide killer

Anti-Creasing agents

Lubricating agents

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