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We are very proud to announce the FABRITEX partnership with MACSA Textile Laser in Pakistan as we aim of continuously advancing in the world of denim finishing.
Macsa has been the first worldwide manufacturer of high-end laser equipment since 1999, and together with Macsa and their team specialized in the garment finishing processes, we will be able to provide best in class service and support here in Pakistan.

Laser technology avoids the need for sand blasting, PP spraying systems or manual hand-sanding while increasing production capacity substantially at the same time.

Moreover, the precision, accuracy and reproducibility standards provided by laser systems ensure first time quality for all your production runs.

Please find our complete range below:

Lasertex Unno

We are happy to announce our participation with Macsa at the ITMA 2023, We’ll be able to showcase with you our latest innovations towards a more sustainable production through minimizing our global impact on the environment and preserving our planet for future generations. Brand new technologies will be presented exclusively with the support of national partnership that study and analyze the impact of the technologies throughout the textile production chain.

In collaboration with Macsa, we offer to provide innovative and sustainable laser solutions for the entire Pakistani market and our customers.

Let us connect and know more. See you there!


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