Technical Support



Fabritex Enterprises provides, top of the line, quality technical services to our customers buying our Principal products. Our response time is swift and is based on fulfilling the customer requirements irrespective of the nature of the query.

Our Technical Experts can conduct specific tests which caters to European and American markets for fabrics and/or garments. These tests have been divided into the following classes:

  • Color fastness Tests
  • Appearance Tests
  • Shrinkage (Dimensional Stability)
  • Formaldehyde and Fabric pH Tests
  • Strength Tests

Our prime objective is to build a never ending relationship with our customers. We meet quality testing specifications as per global standards. We strive for swift, accurate and effective solutions to the problems raised by the customers.

We are capable to assess the levels of finishing effects, durability and conformance through all stages of the manufacturing process ranging from sizing, pre-treatment, dyeing and printing right to down to all types of finished textile products.

We also extend a rigorous training program at regular intervals to develop students as well as members from the textile industry.